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If you want to experience complete peace and serenity, Akkalkot is the place to go. pune to akkalkot by car is available from Royal Cars Pune.  Surrounded with temples and ashrams, it is usually crowded with devotees. Situated near the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka, Akkalkot is home to Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj. It is the kind of city in which you will see a temple, ashram or samadhi at almost every corner, thereby giving the whole city a spiritual environment.

Along with its religious nature, Akkalkot was also a princely state under the rule of the Bhosale Dynasty during the British reign.

places to visit in akkalkot

The Swami Samarth Samadhi : The temple where Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj’s shrine and Samadhi rest, is the main tourist attraction of this city. Shree Swami Samarth was a reincarnation of Lord Dattatreya.
Shri Swamiji lived here for about 22 years at Akkalkot, mainly at the residence of his disciple Cholappa. Here his Samadhi and shrine are presently located. The shrine complex, famously known as TheVatavrukshaMandir, which also includes the banyan tree under which the Swami would preach his knowledge, is the hub of devotions for his followers.Here free accommodation and meals are provided to pilgrims by Shri Swami Samarth Annachhatra Mandal also. The other shrine is of Samadhi of  Swami located at some distance from the main shrine. Akkalkot also has a number of other ashrams and samadhis of Swami Samarth’s devotees.

New Palace Museum 

Akkalkot also has a palace which has now been converted into a museum. Fatesinh Bhosale was talented ruler. He was a great collector of weapons and arms. He made the armory museum one maned which is the biggest in Asia, houses many weapons—guns, firearms, rifles, daggers and knives. The armory has the finest collection of ancient weapons treasured in India and the East. Majority of them are from old Maratha time and Many of these are exceedingly scarce and highly priceless. There is also a collection of car models and a collection of various kinds of dogs.

Shivpuri Ashram 

Nearly two kilometers from Akkalkot there is yet another pilgrimage spot, the Shivpuri ashram.This is a legacy of Swami Samarth’s follower, Shree GajananMaharaj, and his father, Shree Yogindra Maharaj. They were responsible for maintaining the sacred fire.Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj, resuscitated the ancient Vedic science of atmospheric purification (YAJNYA) in its pure form and showed in modern times how Yajnyas can bring Peace,Bliss and Prosperity on Earth.

Ballappa Math :- Shree Swami Samarth akkalkot darshan gave several people His Paduka (foot print or wooden sandals). People used to bring Him wooden sandals. He would bless them and give them back as an object of worship. However, before He left the body in the year 1878, He removed from His neck the one-eyed Rudraksha bead He was wearing and tied it on the neck of His disciple, Balappa. Swami Samarth put the orange cloth which heuses, around Balappa and also blessed Him with the flag and Paduka which He was wearing. He gave him order to start a separate Math here”, meaning here inAkkalkot. The Math was built and it came to be known as Balappa Math.

Shri Swami Samarth Rajerai Math

 In this holy town of Akkalkot, the Rajerai Math is the first Math that was established by the great Swami when He was in His physical existence. Shri Shankarrao Rajerai from the state of Hyderabad was cured by His Holiness of critical sickness. In return, Shri Rajerai offered Swami Rupees Ten Thousand. Swami instead ordered him to construct a Math, then just outside Akkalkot town near the famous Ram Temple on Station Road. “This will be my resting place” was what Swami told his devotees when the Math was constructed. Swami Himself installed His ‘Padukas’ at this Math. Being outside the town, this Math was ignored by everyone after Swami left His body in 1878 and was highly dilapidated in due course.

In 1953 a young Sadhu came to Akkalkot from Gangapur. He came to the Rajerai Math and started residing there. He brought the children and the youth of Akkalkot together and started renovating this dilapidated place. This was also the start of His Avtaar. This young sadhu was none other than the ever loving, merciful, His Holiness Sadguru Belenath Maharaj. 'Baba’ as He was popularly referred to by his devotees, relentlessly continued with the work of upgrading the premises of the Rajerai Math. In the year 1996, the renovation work was complete and Baba installed a beautiful idol of Shri Swami Samarth along with the Holy Padukas.

Other places to visit are:
Joshi Buwa Math :- just 1.5 km away from  bus station.
Khandoba Temple :- This temple is to the north side of bus station.
Mallikarjun Temple :- This temple is located in  between shri. Swami samarth Samadhi math & bus station.
Hatti Tank :- 1 km. away from main bus station.
Kashi Vishweshwar, Jeur:- 12 km away from main bus station.
Hydra:- 30 km away from main bus station.
Burhanpur :-15 km away from bus station.
Kurnur :- 14 km away from bus station.
Mahalaxmi Temple in Bhurikavathe Village 26 km away from Bus station.

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