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Aurangabad is known as the fastest growing 52-door city in 400 years of Asia's continent. In this case, Aurangabad has been declared as a tourist district and it has also opened the way for infrastructure to be provided at all levels. Aurangabad district is a historic, cultural architecture, a heritage of sculpture and a combination of a variety of forests and wildlife, which is the educational district by the educational movement.

royal cabs provide pune to aurangabad cab, Ajanta Caves, which is a globally renowned world of UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Daulatabad fort in the history of Mughal times and Bibi's tomb is Aurangabad's Bhushanach.

Malik Amber's golden castle, which is the capital of development of Aurangabad, is a fine example of the waterfalls of the people built for water planning, Buddhist caves and scenic surroundings of the city's mountains.

110 km The Ajanta caves, which are carved in the seven-kilometer mountain range near Fardapur village on the outskirts, are excellent examples of great costume and sculpture, and there is an unforgettable experience for tourists. Traditionally, the temples and caves in ancient India were also used mainly for rest on business routes.

Their purpose was to get safe shelter for the rest. They are the king-house, charity and lokshay.the production of Ajanta cayenas has also started with this purpose.

In time, she was transformed into a beautiful painting and sculpture. However, the basic structure of these caves is like a religious education institution.

Ajintha Lane shows the story of the life of Lord Gautam Buddha from death to death. And the only example of Ajanta caves is the coloring of any shilpa throughout the world. Here tourists and tourists abroad are safe.Ajitha is located at MtDC's resort at Paiyight. It is a full day to watch the caves, because it is appropriate for the tourists to start seeing in the morning.

There is a facility to go to Ajantha. It is a distance of 23 kms from the place of Aurangabad district, in the range of the Sahyadri range, which is known as Satmal, in the range of two kilometer, the Verul caves are scattered.

 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum In this museum founded by the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation, it is available for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's related articles, weapons, 500 years back purified material, handwritten Qur'an of Paithani Saadi, Aurangzeb.Siddhartha Garden and Zoo Museum Siddhartha Garden, which is situated in the heart of the city, has become a place of rest for the family.

There are aquariums, various types of animals, children's troytrains, various types of toys available. Tomb of BB Azam Shah, the son of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, is a tomb built for his mother's memory. A magnificent palace built in Aurangabad is the grave of Aurangzeb's wife, Rabia Durrani.This place is located at a distance of 2 km from the Aurangabad Bus Station.

Salimali Lake It is a few minutes away from the Aurangabad Central station and the Salimali Lake was known as Khiziri Lake during the Mughal period. Foreign birds come in large numbers in the winter. Here is the bird observation center. Hence the lake was named after the bird expert Salim Ali. The neighboring side is Delhi Gate and Himayat Bagh.

Various types of trees and fruit research centers are open to the visitors in this garden.

Jayakwadi Dam This dam is a major dam in Aurangabad district on river Godavari. About 2.40 lakh hectare area of ​​Vidharbha has come under wetlands due to this dam.Train, plane, ST to go to Aurangabad Buses and private vehicles can go There are MTDC resorts to stay here, as well as a 5-star private hotel, Thakathikandi Dhaba.

BANI BEGUM GARDENBani Begum Park is a beautiful place which is 25 km from the city. Is located at a distance. In the middle of this park there is also the dome named Bani Begum which was the name of Begum of Azam Shah, son of Bani Begum Aurangzeb.

In this park there are dome, waterfalls and beautiful pillars which are great samples of the architectural style of the Mughal period. BHADRA MARUTIKhulatabad / Khuldabad is a religious and historical tradition in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

pune to aurangabad taxi with royal cabs .Along with the religious place of Bhadra Maruti, this village has the tombs of Sufi saint and some other historians and families of Sardar Gharas.

This village is the main place of Khulatabad taluka of Aurangabad district. This village is also known as Ratnapur. It is filled with Urus every year at Khulatabad. There is a Darje in Girhatti at Khulatabad.

DAULATAB FORT (killa arak)

The fort of Devigiri has been a surprise to the 7 surprises of Maharashtra. [2] The wonderful and beautiful seven wonders of Maharashtra were announced in June 2013.

The symbol of peace-goodwill is the headquarters of the Central Pagoda, the Mumbai Central Railway Station, the CST station, the fort of Devgiri in the medieval period, the Kas Plateau in the Western Ghats, the first capital of the Swaraj, the Raigad Fort, and the Ajanta Caves in Buldhana Lonar Sarovar, Aurangabad are seven wonders of Maharashtra.Specially it is the lamb of the fort.

The mortar is very amazing, the specialty of that carpet is that it is in the ability to destroy a fort or a fort with a cannon. It has been created by the Terror Punch.

Seven Wonders of Maharashtra have been selected on the basis of 22 lakh votes from all over the world. It is a very famous fort for tourism.As the seven wonders of the world were selected, ABP Myar chose seven surprises from Maharashtra through Seven Wonders of Maharashtra program.

Dr. Jagdish Patil, Dr. Arun Tikker, Rajiv Khandekar, Shri. Arvind Jamkhedkar, Dr. Nishigandha Wad, Shri. Vikas Dilawari, Sri. V. Seven Wonders of 14 Wonders selected by seven Jury were chosen by Ranganathan.

Ellora Caves

The Verul caves (English: Ellora Caves) are 30 km from Aurangabad city. I There are world famous caves in Verul village. This is a total of 34 caves written in the 7th to 10th centuries in Sahyadri's mountain ranges.

There are 12 Buddhist caves (lane no.1 - 12), 17 Hindu caves (Lights 13 - 29) and 5 Jain (Lane no 30 - 34) caves. C. In 1951, the government of India declared the cave as a 'national monument' and was then handed over to the Department of Archeology of the Government of India.The grand entrance pavilion, the two pillars, the magnificent elephants in full size stones, the sculptures on it are all fantastic.

The ancient Shaivite images and events are covered in this lake. The tenth largest Viswakarma caves are duplicate. They have windows. The place is Chaitya Vihar and Stupa, which is a Buddhist sitting in the stupa Shilpakas which are danced in music and dance are engraved on the pillars that are carved in this structure.

The granum of No. 11 means the Tripura monastery. No. The 21st gum is famous as the Rameshwar Gunga. The equivalent of an elephanta cave sculpture in Gharapuri. The caves of 29 are occupied by Shiv sculptures.

No. 32 cave is influenced by Jain people. The beautiful lily is carved on the ceiling's roof. The sculpture of cinematic yakshi is also in this cave. This cave is full of duplicity.


The temple is an ancient Shankara temple, and it is famous as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. About 11 km from Daulatabad in Aurangabad district. I This temple is situated at the distance and at Verul, Lane.

This place is mentioned in Shiva Purana, Skand Puran, Ramayana, Mahabharata. Parth Santosh PatilThis temple near the Yelgaanga river of Verul village is the grandfather of Chhatrapati ShivajiRaje Bhosale and the father of ShahajiRaje Bhosale, Maloji Raje Bhosale, firstly renovated this temple in the 16th century.

The present existing temple In 1730, Gautimabai was built by Malhar Rao Holkar's wife, and after this, Shivabhakta Ahilyabai Holkar restored the temple again. The temple is constructed in a red colored stone. The nakshikamakram of this temple is indescribable

Gul Mandi 

In Aurangabad, Gulmandi is also a large market where many types of goods are available. By visiting here you can also know the expressions by window shopping, which is beneficial in shopping. There is also a lot of clothing and accessories like Connaught, it's just late to buy it.

Kailas Temple

Kailas (Temple) created a unique architectural style of his own which was built in Naresh Krishna of Rashtrakuta dynasty of Malkhed. It is in the Lion-chain located in Ellora (District Aurangabad).

In the Palace of the Temple, cutting the stone into beautiful columns like the other, there has been a blank from the inside, like the statue from outside, carving the entire mountain, it forms the Dravid style temple Has been given. In its totality, 276 feet long, 154 feet wide, this temple is built by cutting only a rock.

It has been constructed from top to bottom.In its construction order, approximately 40 thousand tons of stone was removed from the rock. The first section was separated for its construction, and then this mountain section was cut out from inside and a 90-foot-high temple was constructed. The temple is full of idols-around idols outside.

The palace of this temple was on three sides of the stone wall, which was connected by a bridge to the upper section of the temple. Now this bridge has fallen. In front of the open pavilion there are Nandi and giant elephants and pillars are on either side


 It is market for ladies, shawls, sarees are all made in these factories. Its is very costly and hand made.


Waterfowl is a water-driven device for water flow. Previously, the flour was mixed in this machine so that the mill got its name. This device is no longer useful. Aurangabad has a waterfall in the city of Maharashtra.

This water park is world famous and people from many countries come here to visit. A Muslim infuriated the mill on the mill with the help of water.

Salim Ali Lakeits Is Small Bird Satunctuary And A Garden Which Is Mainained By Aurangabad Muncipal Corportion.There Are Many Activites Such As Boating And Other . Its Is Mainly During When Water Is Filled In Rainy Season And During Winter Season.

The closest city from Daulatabad is Aurangabad. It is considered to be one of the important cities in this region of India. Known to attract innumerable domestic and international tourists, the city is known for housing two very important world heritage sites such as the Ajanta and ElloraCaves. Founded in 1610, these caves are listed in the World Heritage Sites.

Today, Aurangabad manages to hold on to its heritage as it heads towards industrial growth.

Few other pieces of architecture which makes a trip to Aurangabad even more fascinating are the BibikaMaqbara, SoneriMahal  and Lonar. Aurangabad District is an important district in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra state.

Aurangabad is a Bombay High Court bench, whereas the famous Ajanta-Verul caves, the Tomb of Bibi (Panchakki), (Thattahod), Devgiri fort of Daulatabad district are in this district. Aurangabad district is the only district in India that has 2 world famous Heritage Vastu (Ajanta caves and verul caves).

[Reference] Paithan is famous for the historic city of PaithaniSaad. Himroo Shawl is famous. Muhammad Tughlaq had established his capital at Daulatabad in Aurangabad (which means that Aurangabad was once the capital of India) and Aurangzeb lived there for a long time.

Places of interest in the district

Bidkiyan Bazaar (Special market is barva.)

Ajanta-Verul caves - Lane, Daulatabad fort, capital of Tughlaq, Khulatabad-Mughal Aurangzebachi grave, Tomb of Bibi-Begum Rabiya (Aurangzeb's wife's) grave in the 5th-8th century , Ghrishneshwar Temple - One of the twelve Jyotirlingas, Panchakki, Paithan - Village of Saint Eknath,

Jaikwadi Dam - Nathasagar Aurangabad Caves

Boasting of a picturesque landscape, Aurangabad is a beautiful historic holiday destination that has the end number of options like famous monuments, places of architecture and religious places to explore.

In order to avail the best Aurangabad Tourism Packages do consult your most trusted travel agent. While choosing the holiday package to Aurangabad make it a point to ensure that the package includes a visit to all the famous historical sites located across the region.

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