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On the back side of Sahyadri, there are five hills as well as tablelands. royal cabs provide pune to panchgani cabs.This area has been named as the fifth house of five dams and it has been confused with Panchgani.


The tourists coming here are the special attraction of Tableland. Cool and dry weather helps to improve health, hence Panchgani is said to be a health resort.20 km east of Mahabaleshwar Panchgani is a scenic place at a distance. Like Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani is also situated on a flat plain on the top of the Sahyadri ranges.


pune to panchgani taxi low price .Due to the amazing weather and good weather conditions, the fifth place has been found in Giritala. Greenery forests add to the beauty of Panchgani. The fruits of strawberry, black berry, and raspberry are produced on a large scale in Horticulture.The flowers of rhododendron get their attention in the forest.


On the north side of the river Panchgani, there is a very spectacular view of the Krishna river basin and Dhom Dhan, Krishna Sagar reservoir, Kollaru houses of greenery, surroundings, surroundings and fortresses.

There are 20 to 25 residential schools in English medium due to the healthy climate here.For the tourists, the main industries are restaurants, farewells and residential buildings. There are 45 hotels and lodges, all of which are small and large. In addition, the industry is also involved in making leather industry, making fruit mills, making honey collection, milk production, milk products. There are gardens, clubs and libraries to entertain. There are some banks and credit union.


There are continuous and continuous filming of the film in nature.tourist Places of Panchagari The Table-Land-Panchgani village is hidden in the hillock.


The mountain is a table land mountain. The feature of this is that there is a flat area of ​​4 km on its top.Sydney PointThere is a hill on the eastern side of Panchguni east from the zakatanaka point north. A pillar appears on the top of the hill which leads up to Golgol. That's the Sydney Points.Dossier PointThere is a fire temple at Chainsor Road here. The front side of it is the dot point.Meher Baba's cave Near the west side of the glass wall, Maher is the cave of Baba.


Here Saint Mehebaba lived.Baby Point From Panchgani to Mahabaleshwar, only 150m from the village There is a baby point at the distance.Parsi PointThe glass is Parsi Point 400 km away to the west of Bawadi. This point in Mahabaleshwar road is 2 km from Panchgani.


It's at the distance.Sable FarmOn the foothills of Panchgani, you must visit the hotel Shivhem (Sable Farm) as a scenic place for family support along the shores of Dhom Dam. Accommodation is the best way to get home-cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Sabe Farm is well-known for its nature-loving tourists, Shahir Sable.


Cool Place  

Panchgani as a village on five mountains. As a place of cool air, it has come to be known not just in the state but in the country. There are various attractions like Paintus, Bhilara Tableland, Kidis Park. Apart from this, there is a Moral Reformation Center. Here students come from all over the country for education.


The jam factory is located in 8 acres area of ​​Maputo Fruit Products at Gureghat. Hundreds of cactuses are found in the Green House.

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